As we approach the end of December, it’s customary to reflect and give thanks for many things in our lives, and for all that we’ve achieved in the past year, both personally and professionally. Below are some of WFA’s highlights.

We started 2021 with an updated look, taking advantage of the office closure and renovating the lobby and conference room areas. The spaces are brighter and fresh and coordinate very nicely with our new logo and color scheme. The new logo, a graphic interpretation of a compass and water, is a nod to our proximity to Lake Michigan and our continued commitment to pointing our clients in the right direction.  

In April, Marilou (“Lou”) and Nick finalized their Shareholder Agreement; effectively adding Marilou as a co-owner and cementing her future with WFA. It was an exciting announcement, made even more special by the kind and congratulatory sentiments shared by our clients.  

As the firm continued to expand (we surpassed the $300,000,000 mark for Assets under Management), we hired Sadie Bishop in May; increasing our team roster to nine. Sadie has proven to be a great addition to the team, preparing financial plans, assisting with marketing efforts, and completing other administrative tasks.

In September, Nhi made it official; completing her path to citizenship and becoming a U.S. citizen. We couldn’t be prouder!

We launched an updated website in early January to coincide with the logo refresh and have spent the last quarter of 2021 working on expanding the site. Every week we post new content to the homepage, reminders of things happening in the economy as well as short, topic specific, educational posts. All of the posts are archived on the new Resources page.  

In addition to weekly updates on our website, we have begun posting daily on our LinkedIn Page. Consider following WFA on LinkedIn to stay in the loop with current topics and WFA events and happenings.

While there is something special about a year coming to an end, we look with excitement to a new one beginning.  

We will start the year with a flurry of activity as we renovate the employee side of the office. Although the office will be open, the staff will be working remotely for a week in the middle of January. Everyone will continue to be accessible via phone (414-727-8181) and email, ensuring our clients can reach us when needed.

As a firm, we all strive for continuous improvement to ensure we provide the highest quality service to our clients. Aligned with our goals, certain staff are expecting to increase their industry credentials in 2022. We will be sure to announce new designations as they occur. You can also check out the WFA Happenings page on our website.