Online Webinar: Mortgage and Loan Options

On April 17th, WFA’s Michael Tyler, CFP® and Joshua Bucio, CDLP with Waterstone Mortgage will discuss the current interest rate environment, exploring its implications on mortgage and loan options, particularly following a divorce or fluctuations to income streams.

Reminder: Tax Day is Next Week

This is your last chance to fund IRA, Roth IRA, HSA, and 529 Plan contributions for 2023.

Monthly Market Catch-Up

Check out March’s market catch-up!

4-8-2024 Marked a Historic day and WFA Joined in on the Experience

WFA Staff watched the 91% solar eclipse from our building while VP Marilou Davido and her family traveled to Indy for the total eclipse. What a day for all of us to remember!  o see Marilou’s amateur video of the moment of totality over Indianapolis Motor Speedway, click here.

Our Suite of Financial Planning Services








At WFA Asset Management Corporation, our Milwaukee-based, fee-only investment & retirement advisors are committed to assisting you as you strive to achieve your financial goals. This responsibility is both a commitment and an honor. It defines who we are as a company.

Offering a small-town feel to the “millionaire next door”, our CPAs and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ use objective research when providing unbiased advice tailored to your investment and income tax situation as you navigate life-changing events like a new job, an expanding family, retirement, or receipt of an inheritance. By helping you navigate these life obstacles as well as standard market volatility so you can live a happy, comfortable life, you will also create a financial legacy for your loved ones.

Asset Management For You And The Generations To Come

Our team is always working diligently to ensure our clients receive the best possible advice for their individual situation, whether it’s diversifying a portfolio or helping younger generations manage inherited wealth. We maintain our commitment further through continuing education, both ours and yours through:


  • Regular communication that interprets changes in economic metrics/markets
  • Comprehensively analyzing regulatory matters so you can understand how new legislation affects your investments and financial goals
  • Enhanced service offerings that incorporate online tools to provide 24/7 access to portfolio activity
  • Consolidating account information so you can better understand both big picture and granular metrics

We will help you weather the storm

Market volatility is normal and should be expected. Let us explain how our philosophy on diversification and application of Modern Portfolio Theory can help your portfolio stay on course with your short-term plans and long-term goals.
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The Secure Act Changed Distribution Rules

On December 23, 2022, President Biden signed the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022, which will restructure most Americans’ 401(k) plans and change retirement contributions and withdrawals.

Financial Freedom is Possible

For nearly 40 years, WFA has helped clients get control of their financial situation and feel empowered to make sound decisions when confronted with life’s challenges. Learn from our knowledge and expertise as you continue your journey towards financial independence.

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