“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

— Albert Einstein, physicist


Tax planning involves a comprehensive review of your financial matters to identify opportunities to be tax efficient (minimize tax liabilities) in both the short-term and long-term as well as across generations. It is a crucial part of your financial plan because the intent is to minimize the tax burden on your wealth, preserving assets for yourself and your heirs.

Successful tax planning also involves a review of your payment structures, like withholding elections and estimated tax payments. Improper payments may result in either unexpected large liabilities and underpayment penalties or large, lump-sum refunds that could have been better used throughout the year versus receiving at tax time. Contact us today to speak with our CPA-led tax team about how tax planning can enhance your financial plan.

Maximize Your Tax Efficiency

No one wants to pay more taxes than absolutely necessary. With changing laws and new-tax saving opportunities, it isn’t easy to understand and implement tax efficient strategies while navigating an increasingly complex system. WFA’s comprehensive approach to tax planning is geared toward maximizing income while minimizing tax burden.

Our tax preparers, including trained CPAs, work alongside our financial advisors, creating a synchronous strategy that combines convenience with expertise. We also take time to make sure you understand the components of your tax returns. Whether you’re buying a home, saving/paying for college, distributing funds from a portfolio, or reorganizing finances after a divorce, we believe it is important to understand how tax laws impact you and your decisions. We apply our expertise on your behalf to simplify the complicated process that is tax planning.

Year-Round Tax Planning Services

Annual Tax Preparation

At WFA, our tax team works diligently to make sure you get every tax deduction you’re entitled to. Our online portal provides a secure and convenient way to transmit documents during the preparation and review process. After completing your tax return, we outline the results, give recommendations for tax efficiency, and provide a summary of recent changes in tax law that could affect you. All returns are filed electronically so refunds are received at the earliest opportunity.

Withholding and Paying Taxes Throughout the Year

Because no one likes to be surprised by an unexpected tax bill, we conduct a thorough Withholding Analysis and provide recommendations for withholding elections. Our analysis helps you anticipate and prepare for large liabilities or manage large refunds. In situations where there is no withholding, such as for self-employment income, rental income, or realized capital gains, we prepare tax projections and recommend quarterly payments to federal and state taxing authorities.

Year-End Tax Planning

The end of the year presents a variety of opportunities to reduce your tax obligations, and our tax team stands ready to guide you through your options. We prepare analyses to consider things like Roth IRA conversions, tax loss harvesting, and Qualified Charitable Distributions as well as annual contributions to Traditional or Roth IRAs, Health Savings Account, or 529 College Savings Plans.

Benefits from Integrating Tax and Investment Advisors

Imagine the convenience of having your investment and tax advisors in the same office working together on your behalf. This seamless integration means total alignment on tax and investment strategies to maximize income while minimizing tax liabilities. When tax laws change, our tax and investment advisors work hand-in-hand to tax advantage of opportunities and explain how these changes impact your financial plan and investment strategy.

Questions We Can Help You Answer

Certified Financial Planners™

At WFA, you have access to a team of professionals including SEC-Registered Investment Adviser Representatives, certified financial planners™, and Certified Public Accountants. These individuals provide services such as investment and asset management, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management. Our financial advice considers your personal situation as a whole, so you can feel confident about your decisions.

Year-round Tax Strategies

“Tax Season” isn’t the only time to think about taxes. Year-round planning allows you to take advantage of tax strategies and the historically low tax brackets currently available to maximize your tax efficiency throughout the year.


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