As we approach year-end, there are many tax strategies that can be employed to minimize income tax. Below are some items that will be discussed in greater detail this month.

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Required Minimum Distribution from a tax-deferred retirement account (i.e. IRA, 401(k)) if account owner is over age 72. Tax consequence can be offset by QCD.



Qualified Charitable Distribution is a tax strategy that converts taxable IRA distributions to tax-free distributions as long as money is given directly to charity.



Donor Advised Fund is a tax-efficient way to convert appreciated stock to cash to fund charitable donations over the short- and long-term.


Tax-Loss Harvesting

Tax-Loss Harvesting is selling securities at a loss to offset capital gains and other income.


Tax-Gain Harvesting

Tax-Gain Harvesting is selling securities to realize a long-term capital gain at 0% federal tax.